Our review and analysis processes are applicable to a variety of ventures and provide a comprehensive and integrated assessment of technological, managerial, governance, financial and market factors. We have worked with:


Systems Species
  • Flow-Through Life Support Systems
  • Salmon / Steelhead / Trout
  • Recirculation / Re-use (RAS)
  • Arctic Charr
  • Marine/Freshwater "Bag" Systems
  • Tilapia
  • Land-Based Culture Systems
  • Halibut / Pompano / Yellowtail
  • Cage Culture Systems
  • Walleye / Sturgeon
  • Hatcheries to Grow-out
  • Conch / Shellfish
  • Aquaponics
  • Shrimp / Prawns / Crayfish

We have been engaged in the development (pre-design), design and construction of a number of intensive fish culture facilities in North and South America and Europe. In addition, we have conducted numerous technical and operational reviews including:

  • RAS Atlantic salmon smolt production - assessing life support systems, water reconditioning efficiency, biosecurity issues and the overall productivity of the system
  • Growth modeling, bio-planning and recirculation system design
  • Site evaluation for cage culture system deployment
  • Establishing Best Management Practices documentation
  • Technology assessment and option development for system upgrades while maintaining culture systems in production
  • Expert Review – overview of closed containment systems and technologies; national aquatic animal health policy development; shellfish sanitation program challenges; policies, standards and permitting mechanisms for a wide range of sustainable aquaculture development initiatives; review of more than 45 high-intensity aquaculture facilities constructed by 14 leading manufacturers
  • Evaluation of selection and breeding program development for rainbow trout
  • Evaluation of emerging technologies for waste management in land-based and cage aquaculture systems
  • Design, development and implementation of a benchmarking program for evaluation of farm productivity and performance
  • Feasibility assessment of grow-out systems for a variety of freshwater, marine finfish and shellfish species including solicitation of bids for system components and complete production facilities

Technology and innovation are fundamental to productivity improvement and profitability in the aquaculture sector. Moreover, the pace of change with regard to culture technologies, practices, governance and management has been significant over the past decade. As a result, we are often asked to deliver training programs to enhance capacity within our client's organizations. We have designed and delivered training programs covering a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Aquaculture Operations and Management
  • Fish Health Management & Biosecurity
  • Business Planning & Management
  • Recirculating Systems Technologies
  • Unit Operations in Intensive Aquaculture
  • Aquaculture Risk Management
  • Aquaculture Site Assessment
  • Aquaculture Waste Management
  • Aquaculture Policy & Governance
  • Aquaculture Inspection